It Makes a Room Feel Bigger (Stucco Removal Toronto)

Looking at Tons of Before & Afters: It's Perfectly Clear...

Removing Stucco Leads to a Brighter Room!

It's 2018 and many of us are living like it's still 1968. That's great if you're talking about hamburgers and hotdogs (You know, real food), but when it comes to ceiling finishes in our Toronto homes, stucco ceilings just aren't cutting it anymore.

Once upon a time, stucco ceilings (or popcorn ceiling as it's often referred) were a home builder's dream. It created a quick and easy way to finish one of the hardest parts of the Toronto home building process: Finishing ceilings.

Aren't we all so very happy that a home building company caught a break back in the 1960's? Yeah, me neither.

What's Something You Can REALLY Do for My Home's Ceilings?

I know you don't want to sit here reading another lick about where stucco ceilings came from, or how popcorn ceilings are so bad for your home (HINT: DUST/DIM LIGHT/BUGS)... So let's cut to the real chase about the real life improvements you will see once it's all taken care of.

Do you want brighter rooms? More natural light?

That's what you get when you remove all of the light sucking valleys and troughs from your ceiling. Each little nugget captures light and casts a shadow. Is that really what you want for your living rooms or bedrooms?
Save energy by letting the natural sunlight illuminate your room.

Bugs are gross - Don't give them a home.

You want spiders and little pests gone forever. So do we. We know what to do to help. Smoother ceilings and the good riddance of stucco and popcorn ceiling mean less homes for six or eight legged intruders.
She'll thank you for it.

It Doesn't Take Long - You know Speed is King

When it comes to ceiling repairs in Toronto such as stucco removal and pot light installations, speed is one of the most crucial aspects of the job. Nobody has time to sit around for ages waiting for the stucco company to come at their leisure.

This type of interior renovation comes with the price of time. Smooth Ceiling in Toronto, Ontario understands (more than any other) how valuable your time is. That's why one of their most complimented attributes is: SPEED.

If we're really talking about doing a great job at ceiling repair work in the Greater Toronto Area, you're going to want not just great workmanship - You're going to want quick work that lasts. With Smooth Ceiling - You get that and more.

Trusting the Professionals in Your Toronto Home

One of the initial concerns that people have with allowing ceiling repair workers into their home is trust. Since everyone in Toronto and the GTA is uber busy, it's vital to be able to trust the company you entrust to your house.

That's why Smooth Ceiling in Toronto has cultivated such a reputation for trust, that people often comment how they feel perfectly safe leaving the stucco removers to do their job while the homeowner heads out to work.

Can you imagine the peace of mind in knowing that you don't have to miss a day of work just to take care of your bumpy, textured ceiling! That's a major victory for Smooth and crew.

We know it's hard to give that trust initially, which is why it's super important to have that trust in place, so the stucco can be totally removed, and you can be relaxed in knowing that an important job in your home is being taken care of - Problem free.

Key Takeaways for Smooth Ceiling of Toronto Ontario 

If you need the bullet point take home cheat sheet for what Smooth Ceiling does for you, here it is:
  • Fast timelines
  • Clean, mess free work
  • Trusted employees
  • Enhanced home appeal
  • Less dust and bugs
  • More natural light
Take that list with you when you're thinking about the next home improvement project that you have in mind, and you might find that removing stucco ceilings is higher on the list than you initially thought! 

Smooth Ceiling Contact Information:

Smooth Ceiling Ltd.
Richmond Hill, Ontario


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