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Let's start by asking the big question:

What Is Popcorn Ceiling? 

Have you ever looked up at your ceiling and wondered what those bumps and/or textured appearance are called? That is called popcorn ceiling or stipple ceiling. The popcorn effect allows for this particular material and approach to ceiling finishing make the ceiling sound dampening and stylish (as a matter of opinion I guess)... 

Living Room Smooth Ceiling

Where Do You Use Popcorn Ceiling? 

Typically, popcorn ceiling is found in residential homes, especially in bedrooms and basements. They are applied using a spray or hopper gun. 

Why Would You Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling? 

There is great debate surrounding whether or not the popcorn ceiling is still on-trend or if they are no longer in style and should be removed to potentially increase the value of your home. 

On the other hand, there are other reasons that popcorn ceiling removal in Oakville should be considered and that do not fall entirely on the aesthetic appeal side of the equation. 

Here are a few reasons why many homeowners have called to remove the popcorn ceiling in their homes. 


Popcorn ceiling was trendy between the ’30s and ’90s. Many homes and even some businesses were using them on their ceiling; however, in the late 70’s it was discovered that the material used in the application of popcorn ceilings was dangerous to one’s health. This dangerous discovery was called asbestos and was detrimental to one’s health if inhaled. 

Buildings and homes that did not have the asbestos removed were not in danger as long as they did not damage or expose the parts of the ceiling which had the popcorn ceiling or the asbestos. 

Taking a chance and doing the popcorn ceiling removal on your own may make the situation worst, especially if there are any traces of asbestos – seek proper professional support who have the experience and the tools to get the job done correctly and safely.

Corner Trim with Backlight

Increase light to the room

Given the bumpy surface, the popcorn ceiling makes it hard for light to light up a room properly. It is for this reason that popcorn ceiling can sometimes make a room feel darker than it is. One way of improving the lighting in a room or creating more light is through popcorn ceiling removal, which can enhance the natural flow of light as the light is not absorbed in the bumps and humps of the stippled, textured ceiling. 

Easier maintenance

Have you ever noticed the dust built up on your ceilings in your Oakville, Ontario home? It can be easy to overlook the dusting and cleaning of popcorn ceiling; however, it can be hard to keep it from collecting dust and keeping it clean with this type of ceiling. With popcorn ceiling removal, you can simplify the cleaning of the ceiling by removing the potential for dirt and dust to be caught between the bumps and grooves. 

Disintegrates over time 

Did you know that your popcorn ceiling over time could fall onto the floor of your home or office? Over a period of time, the ceiling can start to show some wear and tear and begin to flake off, leaving white, if not powder, remnants on the floor of your space. This is natural if there is moisture or other possible exposures that could impact its integrity. 

These are a few reasons home, and business owners are changing their popcorn ceiling to stucco or straight plaster. While this work can be done by a homeowner, or someone who may be handy, sometimes considering a professional experienced in popcorn ceiling removal or stucco removal is highly recommended. 

Benefits to Popcorn Ceiling Maintenance, Upgrades, and Modifications

When it comes to popcorn ceiling, there is a toss-up as to whether or not there are any actual benefits to having them installed versus removed. 

Here are a few factors to consider regarding the maintenance, upgrades, or modifications to popcorn ceilings. 

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Ensuring the maintenance of your pre-existing ceiling can help avoid any possible discolouration, disintegrating, and flaking. A few things can be done to help with the maintenance, such as doing it routinely rather than reactively. Similarly, just how you would maintain your home or car, maintaining this part of your house is important before something goes awry, and there are much more costlier repairs or damages to fix. 


Stucco ceiling removal can be costly, time-consuming, and if you are unaware of how to do it, it can be overwhelming dealing with how to upgrade your existing popcorn ceiling. Thankfully, there are three options that homeowners can have done to upgrade their popcorn ceiling, which include texturing over the ceiling, installing ceiling tiles, and using wood ceiling planks. These are options that can ultimately give your ceiling a face-lift and upgrade.


Do you want to find a way of drowning out sound transference between rooms? One way of preventing sound from transferring from one room to another is through popcorn ceilings, also known as acoustic ceilings. They have also been known as this because they can absorb sound, and because of the tiny bumps and roundness, they absorb the sound. 

While it does not entirely silence or down out the sound, it does make a significant difference in muffling and reducing the intensity of the noise. 

The installation of popcorn ceilings can be a cost-friendly way of soundproofing a room, as opposed to removing and installing a thicker type of insulation. 

Alternatives to Popcorn Ceiling 

At Popcorn Ceiling Professor, our team of knowledgeable staff can make recommendations if you so choose to have your popcorn ceiling removed. They can make recommendations for homes and businesses in and around the Oakville and Halton region

A few alternatives to popcorn ceiling include drywall, plaster, and pressed tin tiles are a few options that home and business owners are turning to when it comes to replacing their popcorn ceiling. 

Changing one’s popcorn ceiling to a completely different surface is a decision that has to be thought out properly. Still, more importantly, it needs to be done with the proper equipment and knowledge of how to remove and replace the existing ceiling. 

However, something to keep in mind when replacing popcorn ceiling is if you don’t replace it with sound-absorbing material, you may notice noise being louder and defined than before with the popcorn ceiling. When it comes to these situations, having someone professional get the job done and make recommendations can be helpful. 

If soundproofing or minimizing sound transference is essential, adding extra insulation or going with material that is going to absorb or deflect it is key. Again, if you are new to home renovations or not sure what to go with, consider seeking professional guidance and support. 

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With over 20 years of experience and a slew of happy and satisfied customers, trust Popcorn Ceiling Professor to be your one-stop shop for all your popcorn ceiling removal, stucco removal, or ceiling and home repairs. If you are in the Oakville or Halton region, book a consultation today and reap the benefits of having your home checked by the Popcorn Ceiling Professor. 

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