A New Take on Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Are the Ceiling Kings the New Wave of Stucco Contracting Professionals?

Traditionally, stucco contractors in Mississauga and the Halton Region have suffered from bland marketing. Their service of popcorn ceiling removal is a boring commodity, and it has become hard to differentiate between companies.

When this sort of monotony becomes the way for a service sector, there's only a few ways for a singular company to stand out and gain attention.

Breaking the Barriers

When Ceiling Kings first came onto the scene, they were in the same boat as local competitors like Ceiling Champions and Smooth Ceiling. They had a website, they had a GMB (Google My Business) listing, nothing that really stood out as exceptional, or different.

After a couple of months, Ceiling Kings must've have realized that they needed a better way of marketing themselves to the general public. No longer was their website going to be just basic English with explanations of their stucco contracting services. Oh no no no.


The home improvement industry is boring, but not anymore. Popcorn ceiling removal now has a medieval representative in Ceiling Kings. With their many references to castles and steeds, they do an excellent job of creating an adventure out of the otherwise mundane task of ceiling repair.

Is it wrong to create a niche within a niche, or to have a themed business model? Absolutely not. What the Ceiling Kings have done is brought flavour back.

The Reoccurrence of Business Themes


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